Samsung Galaxy j7 2016 version: Specifications, features, releasing date and its comparison with the older version:-

  As Samsung Galaxy j7 already released in June 2k15 but here is a new version of Samsung Galaxy J7 releasing in 2k16. It will be mostly different or you can say, it will be the modified version of the older phone. The expectation of… Read More

U Watch features and price:

Ufone launched a new product, U Watch. You are going to love this idea. Especially those parents, who are very worried about their kids, will definitely love it. Because U watch is made for parents to be connected with their kids any time. They can… Read More

Different types and classification of computer with respect to Structure, size and detail of computers with respect to purpose along with different brief generations from 1945 to 1990

  Computer: It is an electronic device, which can accept the data, process the data and gives the result/information of the process data according to instruction. A computer is a interrelated combination of components which can performs the basic function of input/output (IO), processing storage,… Read More